Many homeowners now opt for gate automation because of the convenience, privacy, and security achievable when not having to open and close entrances manually. Numerous types and styles are available to meet the needs of corporate parks, residential homeowners, and estates.

Below are some reasons to consider for residential gate automation in South Africa.

  1. Improves Privacy

Guarding the entrance to your home is not just about security. It also makes your property more private. With a manual system, anyone can enter unless it is locked with a secure lock system. However, the inconvenience of having to lock the gate every time you have entered your property is reason enough to leave the entrance unsecured. But with the high crime rate in South Africa and the risk of intrusion of your privacy, not locking the gate is unwise. Automation thus provides for more convenience and access control.

  1. Enhance Safety and Security

Access control improves the safety and security of a property. It also prevents your animals and small children from leaving the safety of the property without your supervision. With an automated system, you are in control of the entrance and can prevent any unauthorised entrance or exiting of the property.

  1. Keep Animals Out

Apart from criminals and other uninvited guests, it helps to keep your neighbour’s dogs out. Nothing can be more frustrating than having to deal with pets from the neighbours chasing after your cat or small dogs because the entrance was left open by mistake. With automation, the gate closes at a set time after opening, minimising the risk of it being left open.

  1. Cost-Effective Way to Secure the Property

Benefit from lower insurance premiums because of the increased security. Gate automation is also a cost-effective way to add value to the property. A potential buyer will appreciate the security and convenience of the automated access control.

  1. Improves the Visual Appeal of The Property

It helps to improve the neatness of the perimeter security. Whether you are inside or on the outside of the property, you will appreciate the neat appearance of the system.

Where to Get Help with Professional Gate Automation

If you are tired of the frustration associated with manually opening and closing the gate, you will appreciate our professional service offering. Apart from our competitive pricing, we ensure that every system fits the particular type of opening, security wanted, and environment where installed.

We consider factors, such as the thickness and perfect level needed for concrete tracks. Another factor often overlooked is that of safe cabling. Indeed, underground joins are not acceptable, and the track must be 100% level to ensure smooth operation.

It is essential to use bright steel Teflon wheels with sealed bearings. Support posts must be installed to prevent falls, while the end stops must be sturdy. To this end, also ensure dove tail brackets are installed for capturing the gate when it is in the close position.

When you make use of our services, all the mentioned features and more are included. We offer durable motors (220 volt) and 12-volt batteries for backup. Everything from slide and single swing to double swing systems are available. Our products include anti-crushing, lightning protection, and auto-close systems with a wide range of optional accessories available.

View our range of gate automation products and get in touch for a quote.