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Don’t Leave Your Home Exposed


In South Africa, a gate motor is the gateway to your security, both for residential and commercial properties. We often take them for granted until a malfunction leaves us vulnerable to trespassers.

This article builds on our previous discussion of gate motor problems and emphasizes the crucial step of securing your gate motor from theft.


Why Guarding Your Gate Motor Matters:

Your gate motor protects more than just the gate itself. During load shedding, criminals see gate motors, batteries, and gearboxes as easy targets. While a reliable motor with strong battery life can help, a physical security solution is essential.


Protecting Against Battery Theft:

Batteries hold high scrap value, making them a prime target for thieves. Don’t rely solely on your security system. Consider adding a secure, tamper-proof enclosure for your gate motor, made of sturdy material like steel.


Additional Gate Motor Security Tips:

Perimeter Security: Electric fencing adds a powerful layer of protection.

Reinforce Your Gate: Welding a flat iron piece across the gate rack prevents lifting or bending.

Anti-Lift Brackets: These specialized brackets provide additional security against forceful entry.

Alarms and Notifications: Sound bombs, sirens, or proximity beams can deter theft attempts and alert you of potential security breaches.

Emergency Stop Functions: Remember, gate motor issues aren’t always theft-related. Proximity beams, often included with gate motor installations, provide essential emergency-stop functions, protecting your family, friends, and vehicles from accidents.

Fix & Fit Security: Your Partner in Complete Security Solutions

Our team of security experts at Fix & Fit Security can help you assess your property’s security needs and recommend the best solutions to secure your gate motor, including enclosures, alarms, and additional hardware.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – secure your gate motor and enjoy complete peace of mind!

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