Yes, hassle free gate automation is now a reality. Speak to us if you want to remove the frustration of gate automation and make use of a smooth running automated gate.

A reliable gate installation is dependent on a quality installation, the following factors must be taken into consideration:

Concrete Tracks:

All concrete tracks should be laid using a 5mm thick angle iron with 16mm round bar on top to ensure minimal friction. This track must be level.


All cabling must be laid in conduit. No underground joins can be tolerated.


All wheels must be manufactured from bright steel Teflon.Wheels are available for  and have sealed bearings.


Safety support posts must be used to prevent the gate from falling over and injuring a loved one.

End Stops:

Sturdy end stops must be used front and back.
Dove Tail Brackets to capture gate in the closed position.

Anti-Lift Brackets:

To prevent a criminal from lifting and removing your gate to gain entry.

Gate Motors:

Gate motors are available in 220 volt and 12-volt battery back up for:

  • Sliding Gates
  • Single Swing Gates
  • Double Swing Gates
  • Anti-Theft Brackets are available & essential for all motors

The Centurion range of products is recommended for residential and Complex use.

Some features are:

  • Auto-close facility
  • Anti-crushing
  • Advanced lightning protection
  • 12 volt battery back-up
  • High speed operation
  • SABS Built in Lightning Protection

For Heavy Duty Installations such as Road Closures, Large Complexes and Heavy Gates (Residential or Commercial) we recommend the Centurion D-10 gate motor be fitted with a cooling fan and 24volt battery backup.

Many optional accessories are available:

  • Infrared safety beams – to prevent a closing gate from damaging your vehicle
  • Courtesy gate lights – Controlled by a day/night sensor, manual switch or a timer switch
  • Remote controls – long range, from 1 to 6 buttons; – Operating on 403 MHZ or 433 MHZ. with code hopping for high security –  Very Important
  • LED gate status indicators
  • Pedestrian key switches
  • Anti-theft brackets – Essential
  • Underground loop detector. Used for Booms & Gate Motors – can be safety devices on opening / closing triggers.

All gate motors can be connected to your household intercom system.


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