When you think of home security, you probably think of a big wall with an electrified fence, high security driveway gates and security gates with some heavy-duty locks on the front and back door, but have you ever considered adding security lighting to the mix?

Typically a perimeter fence is the first layer of defense. Since most break-ins occur under darkness unwanted intruders oftentimes bank on the fact that they wont be seen in the process of commiting their crimes so why not add perimeter lighting.

Perimeter lighting is an essential part of every security plan. The role of lighting is to deter and detect  intruders who would attempt to breach a secure perimeter.

Before cameras can capture an image of an intruder, lights act as a deterrent just by itself minimizing the chance of a break in and since you have likely spent a lot of money for your security cameras make sure you can see the intruders face with the best suitable lighting.

installing variousĀ  low voltage garden lighting, home exterior lighting, motion sensor lights and property perimeter lighting all play an important role in keeping your home or business safe and secure.