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Gate Motor Installation Top Factors To Consider


Electric gate motor installation holds several benefits for property owners. Apart from facilitating a hassle-free means to control accessibility, it provides for improved safety and value addition to a property.

However, to experience the benefits of automated gate control, specific factors must be considered to ensure optimal value and functioning. We briefly discuss these factors below, highlighting the importance of choosing a professional gate motor supplier in South Africa.

Slope Gradient

Gate motor installation must be done on level ground. If the driveway slope gradient is steep, the ground must be levelled at the site of installation for the proper functioning of the equipment. The gradient also affects the choice between slide or swing opening. In the latter instance, the direction of the swing is also dependent on the direction of the slope. A professional installation company can make the required adjustments for correct gate operation with consideration of the slope gradient.

Compliance with Relevant Building and Safety Codes

The material must meet the relevant safety, manufacturing, and building codes. Use a trusted security products supplier and installer in South Africa to ensure such compliance.


Even if you do not immediately automate the gate opening and closing, the installation of the gate must be done with an eye on future upgrading to automated opening and closure. To this end, already install the necessary rails and ensure that the path is level. Consult a professional gate motor installation company to ensure the basic requirements for automation are already met when the structure is erected.

Optimised Functioning

Working with a security firm that is experienced in matters relating to safety is beneficial since the professional team knows which functionalities can add convenience, safety, and security. Options such as a safety sensor to prevent accidental closure onto a vehicle still in the access area, an emergency stop function, or an emergency lock can help to improve the safety profile of the barrier and its functioning.


It is imperative to lay concrete tracks level and to use the appropriate angle iron and round bar to eliminate unnecessary friction. The cabling should not be exposed to environmental elements. To this end, cables must be placed within appropriate conduits. The quality of the wheels is equally important. The wheels must fit perfectly into or onto the track and must be able to carry the weight of the barrier.

As mentioned earlier, safe operation is essential. The tracks must be appropriate for the particular barrier type and weight. In addition, safety supports must be in place to prevent the barrier from tipping over or coming off the tracks. End stops must be fitted to capture the barrier in a closed position. To prevent the removal of the barrier from the track, it is essential to include anti-lift brackets with the installation.

The motor must be strong enough for the particular barrier and installation should include a battery backup system. The motor installation should be appropriate for the type of application, such as at a security complex or residential abode.

In Conclusion

Make use of our products and services to ensure you get the best possible value from gate motor installation.

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