Home invasions may not be high-risk in some countries, but in South Africa, criminals do their homework. They look for soft targets and may spend days scouting neighbourhoods. In some instances, criminals pass a house and see an opportunity. If the opportunity presents itself, they are not likely to ignore it. Planned and opportunistic home invasions can be evaded by making some upgrades to your security infrastructure, including the installation of alarm systems.

How Alarm Systems Help

Alarm systems can be connected to a security company for immediate response when the panic button is pressed or when triggered. Such alarm systems warn of intruders or attempts to intrude and even alert the neighbours of the breach in security.

It is annoying for any criminal to work through the noise of the alarm in his attempt to get into the house. Indeed, an effective system is loud and causes significant discomfort to the ears, so much so that it can cause the criminals to become confused.

Having such security in places works well with perimeter fences, burglar bars, security gates and camera surveillance. Connecting the systems to our security centre can give you peace of mind that help is on its way the moment the alarm alerts the security personnel. But, what else can you do to improve safety in your home?

You can start by making a checklist to follow daily, but not in a set order:

  • Always lock doors and shut windows when you leave or go to sleep.
  • Turn on your alarm systems and test them from time to time.
  • Keep some sort of weapon hidden near your bed.
  • Don’t forget to charge your phones or other communication devices.
  • Inspect fences weekly or more to make sure there are no breaches
  • Store your valuables in a lock-up safe or well-hidden spot inside the house.

Camera Surveillance

With cameras that are set up in plain sight outside, thieves might think twice before attempting a break-in. This is also great to assist you at night when you hear something in the garden or near the home. It is never a good idea to go and look on your own, or even with a family member. Many attackers lure the victims into a trap to gain easy access. Avoid routine as much as possible so that potential stalkers cannot plan a strategy based on it.

Time to React

With alarm systems installed, you get a fair warning that something is up, and that could give you the time you need to phone for help. Investing in motion censored lights will also increase visibility outside without you having to leave the house. Anything that draws attention to the robbers is useful as it does sometimes work to scare them off. Laser beams are an extra option for another layer of security.

Where to Get Help

Put your family’s safety first. Contact us for a quote on our alarm systems and related security products & services.