The biggest benefit of installing the MKII intercom system at a complex will make your residents feel safer and more secure in their homes.

This often under-represented aspect of living in an estate or complex.

The MKII intercom system gives residents an easy way of verifiying guests before they can even enter the complex / estate.

With its reporting functions log can be checked and see who granted access at a certain time incase of an incident.

There is also long term and single entry pin code functions available for domestic workers.

There are a few handy functions and advantages of the MKII intercom system:

  • Up to 1500 users
  • Bright display, even in day-light
  • Set the timing on incoming and outgoing calls to avoid misuse
  • Back-up battery (8HRS standby)
  • Call the intercom to reach security at the gate
  • Gate opening functionality from your mobile
  • Anti-tamper

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