Top Reasons to Get a Clear View: Palisade Fence Solutions for Modern-Day South Africa

Having a see-through fence installed instead of a solid brick and mortar wall provides for a clear view of the surrounds without compromising on security. This type of barrier has several benefits, some of which are briefly discussed below.

Discreet Without Compromising the Security

With see-through palisade fencing, you have a clear view of the mountains, ocean, street, golf course, and surrounds, but you also have the benefit of security. Indeed, it has been said many times that having a clear view of the street is essential for security. It makes it possible to spot criminals watching your home or waiting just outside the gate for you to open the gate for them to gain entrance.

Visibility from The Street for Improved Security

With a palisade fence, you also have a clear view from the street to see whether criminals are waiting in your garden. Furthermore, neighbours can see if criminals are moving around in the garden or trying to break into your home. Although it is not a guarantee that nobody will break in even if they can be seen from the street, it does make it riskier for them. As such, they are more likely to break into a house or wait in a garden, which is not visible from the street, simply because the risk of being seen and caught is reduced.

Difficult to Scale

Unlike a wall, where the criminal only has to get to the top and can then jump over, a palisade fence usually comes with a spiked edge on top, which makes it difficult to scale and get over without getting caught in the spikes.

Quick Installation

Brick and mortar structures require foundations. In addition, the building of walls takes time. Steel palisade and concrete palisade fencing can be installed without first having to lay foundations. With the clear view feature, such fences also do not require additional drainage holes. With pre-manufactured panels, installation can be quick.

Cost-Effective Security

It is an affordable boundary. Few secure fences are as cost-effective, durable, and aesthetically appealing as concrete or steel palisades.

Where to Get Palisade Fencing

As part of our extensive security service and product offering, we also supply fence solutions. In line with the focus on optimal security provision, we recommend fencing that provides a clear view of the surrounds. As such, we install palisade fencing in heights of 2 m, 2,4 m, and 3 m. We offer fully welded panels using 40 x 40 angle iron for maximum strength. We can also install a wall-top palisade.

If your property is in a high-risk area or you simply want to optimise security, you will be glad to know that the palisade fencing works well with electric fencing. Where the property is located adjacent to an open field, walk-through area, or river, it is best to install a full electric fence from the ground up along with the palisade.

Do not compromise on having a clear view of the surrounds and maximum security. Opt for the best security. Get in touch for pricing and installation information on our palisade fence systems.