Beyond your access control system, you may want to consider the principles of crime prevention through environmental design.
• Natural surveillance:
Natural surveillance relates to whether your external grounds are free of areas where would-be muggers and burglars can hide. By increasing visibility with lighting, and clearing away bushes, mounds of dirt, trees and potential hiding spots, criminals will feel less welcome on your property.
• Natural access control:
Natural access control uses lighting, pathways, boundaries and landscaping techniques to direct foot traffic along specific paths. This keeps people in designated areas and traffic flows, which you can monitor with cameras. Also, anyone walking through the middle of a field alone will draw more attention.
• Territorial reinforcement:
Territorial reinforcement sets up clear boundaries with high shrubs and fences to distinguish between public and private access areas. When someone crosses one of these boundaries inappropriately, it’s clearer that the intruder is up to no good.
• Maintenance:
A poorly maintained property invites criminal activity. It sends a loud and clear message that no one is paying attention, and a crime will go unnoticed. By keeping the grounds and property well-maintained, criminals will look for another victim.

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