Do you want maximum security that allows you to see through the fencing? If so, you will appreciate our See-Thru product offering. The solution is equally appealing to residential property owners and business or commercial settings. Below are the reasons for opting for see through fencing:

  • Ability to see the street and passing traffic.
  • Visibility of the premises makes it more difficult for criminals to enter and steal without being noticed from the street.
  • Provides visibility of commercial buildings for signage and branding.
  • Provides a safe and secure barrier without compromising on the visibility and aesthetic appeal of a property.

With Several Types of Fences Allowing You to See Through the Barriers, Why Choose Our See-Thru Fencing Solution?

We offer various types of fences that allow you to see through and thus have superb visibility of the surrounds. They range from wire-mesh and palisade to the See-Thru products. As such, the most appropriate type for your particular property should be the main focus when you shop for see through barriers. As far as the See-Thru fence solution is concerned, you simply cannot go wrong. We look at the main features and advantages of this product offering below to help you make an informed security barrier choice.

Affordable See Through Fencing

Unlike the conventional brick and mortar type of barrier, the See-Thru fencing solution is rather affordable and can be erected quickly rather than over weeks or months. With the fast installation, labour costs are kept to a minimum, helping to drive the price down of erecting a difficult-to-scale barrier. Less material is used than with the brick and mortar style barrier. Indeed, it compares well with our other types of see through fences, such as palisade and wire mesh in terms of material and labour costs.

Highly Durable Barrier

A highly durable steel wire mesh material is used. The material is rust resistant and with the product having a superb lifespan, with little to no maintenance needed, it stays neat for years to come. It is a weatherproof barrier that does not require excessive maintenance to ensure its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Several Choices

You have options ranging from galvanised coating to PVC coat finishes and even have options, such as the addition of spikes. You can thus have a customised barrier to meet your fence needs.

Easy on The Eyes

Although security is the main reason for erecting fences apart from indicating property borders, such barriers should be aesthetically pleasing. With our See-Thru fences, aesthetic appeal is not compromised for the sake of security.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a perimeter security solution that can deter even the most avid criminals, you will benefit from our See-Thru fencing solutions. We are one of the leading security companies in Johannesburg with a team of professional and registered technicians to install a range of see through fences in addition to alarm systems, gated access control, and more. Do not compromise on security. Get the best first-line defence. Call us for a quote according to your perimeter security needs.