Make use of our amazing crystal clear intercoms today. Cost effective and reliable intercoms ideal for the home owner.

Intercoms should be installed with all cabling in conduit and no joints underground.
Various systems are available. Emphasis must be put on reliability.


Cost effective and reliable – unfortunately you are unable to expand on this system. Ideal for smaller residential installations.
Available in:

  • 1:1 system
  • 1:2 system
  • 1:2 means 1 button gate station and two internal handsets as well as internal intercommunication


The Rolls Royce of hardwire intercoms. This system is fully expandable from handset up to any number of gate station buttons and handsets.
Available with full room to room intercommunication and dual gate stations to attend to all your needs also linkable to your gate motor or striker locks with LED gate status indicators.

Mircell – G2:

The only solution for Complexes and Road Closures – No hardwire maintenance, a simple reliable Telkom approved System manufactured in South Africa.
Features include:

  • Ring back timed loop detectors to enable controlled exit of visitors
  • Lightning protection
  • Programmable call duration
  • Access keypad
  • Uses the GSM Network
  1. Fully programmable on the Internet
  2. Easily Maintained

Polo Phone:
The South African favorite for Residential Installations

  • Reliable
  • Cost Effective
  • Great Back-up Service

Up to 5 Devices can be used.

  • Gate stations have 2 buttons
  • Handsets can be set into 2 Groups with Intercommunication

Locally Manufactured – By Centurion Systems.

Zartek – Wireless Intercoms:

Gate stations with one or four buttons to ring to.Wireless portable handsets – multiple available. All handsets can open the gate. All handsets can intercommunicate between themselves. Range of up to 100 meters.


All intercom systems can have a gooseneck fitted to the gate stations to make ringing easy for your visitors from their cars.

Intercoms can be surface mounted onto walls or a steel gooseneck can be installed.



  • Fix&Fit guarantees supplier Accredited/Approved
  • Installers – No Sub contractors.
  • Fix&Fit guarantees you a professional installation.
  • Fix&Fit guarantees emergency repair services 24/7.
  • Fix&Fit guarantees workmanship for 12 to 24 months.
  • Fix&Fitʼs suppliers guarantee their products for 12 to 24 months.
  • Fix&Fit guarantees a free risk assessment on your request.
  • Fix&Fit guarantees the best custom designed security solution for you.
  • Fix&Fit guarantees SABS approved products.
  • Fix&Fit guarantees no underground joints.
  • Fix&Fit guarantees onsite after hour sales support.

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