3 Reasons Why See-Through Fencing Should Be Your First Line of Defence

If you live in the leafy suburbs of Johannesburg, you would have noticed the many homes, apartments, and estates surrounded by concrete walls with 24-hour security systems, gates with intimidating spikes, electric fences with huge signs that caution electrocution, and See-Thru fencing with the best-of-the-best 24-hour security that put South Africa’s Hawks to shame. Yes, it’s come to that. South African’s have had enough and are investing in multi-layers of security to keep their assets and families safe – and for very good reasons too.

1,3 Million House Break-ins Reported Between 2018 and 2019

Crime in South Africa has reached an all-time high. With 1,3 million house break-ins reported between 2018 and 2019, homeowners need more than the standard, traditional fence. As your first line of defence, you need a deterrent that not only intimidates but one that’s an economical alternative to the current standard gate.

Here’s why many homeowners throughout Johannesburg use See-Thru fencing as their first line of defence:

  1. Trespasser Resistant

There are many reasons these high-security fences are so popular, but above all, they deter trespassers from coming in. Robust and solid, they are impossible to cut with traditional cutting tools, and they are fitted with maxi spikes on top and detection from electric fencing, making them nearly impossible to get over. In other words, you have a high-security gate that is impossible to get over, through or under.

  • Cost-Effective

See-Thru fencing is perfect for residential or commercial property security measures, pedestrian control, and wildlife boundary security and agricultural uses, as it is the most cost-effective fencing solution on the market. Compared to standard gates, palisades, or steel clear view fences, they are much cheaper to construct and install. Besides cost-savings, they are weather-resistant, which means there is no need to keep replacing or repairing them every year.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing with Excellent Viewing Visibility

Crime is high and as such, it’s important to do whatever we can to protect our investments and our loved ones. However, there is nothing worse than feeling caged in behind big walls that prevent you from seeing the outside world. One of the great benefits of See-Thru fencing is that it does not block out any views, which is essential for CCTV camera surveillance and the aesthetics of the property.

At Fix & Fit Security, we believe that with today’s intensifying crime wave, every residential, commercial, and industrial property should make See-Thru perimeter fencing their first line of defence against intruders. At Fix & Fit Security, we are distinguished as one of the top residential and commercial property security companies in Johannesburg.

We Install Electrical Fencing and Steel, Concrete or Palisade See-Thru Fencing

As a team of registered technicians backed by the Department of Labour (DOL) we install electrical and steel fencing, as well as palisade See-Thru fencing in standard heights of 2 m, 2,4 m and 3 m. Besides our high-security fencing solutions, we also provide security automated gates, intercoms, CCTV, alarm systems, and access control.

So, what are you waiting for? Protect your assets and family – contact Fix & Fit Security today.

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