Get security and convenience with automated gates

If you are looking to upgrade your property with better security and improved access control, automated gates are an essential addition. 

Motorised gates make it easier for you and your family to pass in and out of your property with ease. Not having to stop and get out of your car to open or close gates helps to make your access safer and more convenient. It also heightens your control over who comes and goes on your property. 

Ask Fix & Fit Security about our automated gate installation and repair services.

Types of automated gates


There are four basic types of electric gates, together with a variety of motors to operate them. The most popular type is the sliding gate, which opens and closes by sliding back and forth parallel to the fence. The second most popular is the swing gate. This type can consist of either a single or double gate, with a motorised arm that pushes or pulls the gate to allow or restrict access. Less common choices are the vertical lift and folding gates. Vertical lift gates rise to allow access, and descend to close the accessway. Folding gates consist of two hinged panels that fold into each other to open the entrance. 

Contact Fix & Fit Security to get a quote on a new automated gate installation, or repairs on your existing gate. We also offer related services such as electric fences and see-through fences. Visit our website to find out more about our services.

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