With a very high crime rate in the country, it is not uncommon for property owners to install barriers of security to deter criminals. Many fence options exist, including prefab walling, electric fences, brick walls, palisade fencing, and more. However, if you are simply doing it for the aesthetic appeal then a picket fence can probably do, but it will not keep your pets in the safety of your garden and criminals out.

Although having many choices may seem like a blessing, it can feel like a curse when you have to decide what’s best for your family. Therefore, here are a few of the benefits that palisade fencing offers:

  • Straightforward and fast installation with minimal disruption of the surrounds.
  • Durable and sturdy materials are used for the manufacturing of the panels.
  • Easy and cost-effective to maintain.
  • Effective deterrent against opportunistic criminals.
  • Perfect fence to keep stray animals out.
  • Maximum visibility of the surrounds.
  • Not hindering your view of the golf course, sea, or mountains.
  • Optimal visibility of the street, making it easier to spot persons lurking near the gate area.
  • Visibility into the garden also improves your safety, as the criminals don’t have the convenience of a wall to hide their activities when they try to break into your home.
  • Improves kerb appeal as your well-manicured garden is still visible.
  • No need for drainage holes as may be needed with a solid wall.

Does It Suit Your Property?

The type of perimeter you set is highly dependent on the reasons you decide to do so:

  • Is it simply to mark boundaries?
  • Do you want to prevent your children and dogs from running into the street?
  • Do you want to add an extra layer of beauty to your garden?
  • Is security the main reason for the choice of fence?

Regardless of the details, palisade fencing can satisfy most, if not all your needs for wanting a secure boundary. It is relatively versatile in that it consists of pre-manufactured panels that can be installed to follow the contours of the garden. It also takes up far less time to install in comparison with a conventional brick and mortar wall, making it an impeccable quick fix for unguarded areas.

Sustainable and Strong

You can expect to have your barrier standing for the foreseeable future, as palisade fencing is made from high-grade materials that don’t require intensive maintenance. Rust protection is an available option and one that is likely not a terrible choice. It also isn’t easy to break through. The thought of a trespasser climbing over the top is also unlikely with the optional treacherous upward-pointing spikes inspiring fear in the hearts of deplorable criminal elements.

Most animals won’t attempt escaping manoeuvres with palisade fencing. If you are interested in a well-known and respected means to limit free-for-all access to your property, then it is certainly an affordable and effective choice.

In Conclusion

We supply a wide range of fences including steel palisades. Improve the security of your property without compromising on aesthetic appeal. Get in touch for a quote on our palisade fencing solutions.