Highly effective electric perimeter fencing makes it possible to detect and keep intruders from entering your premises.

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  1. Detecting Intruders
  2. Deterring Intruders

A few years ago Fix & Fit Security initiated the trend to increase the effectiveness of Electric fences, utilizing the square tubing brackets based on a minimum of 800mm high and 8-strands. Today all Electric fence installations brackets are custom designed for the job at hand.


Residential: minimum of 8-strands;

Basics that makes electric fencing effective

  • Bent Outwards
  • Antilift Brackets
  • Well Tentioned Wires

Commercial or Complexes: minimum of 12-strands.

Electric fencing is highly effective in both detecting an intruder and deterring him from entering your premises. The quality of your installation is directly related to the effectiveness of your fence. Wherever possible Electric fences should be wired in series with alternating live and neutral strands with gaps of no more that 100mm, the final height of your fence should exceed “crouch height” to prevent stepping over.

Fix & Fit Security has secured many complexes and Road Closures using a combination of products including freestanding Electric fencing, wall top electric fencing and palisade fencing. an average of 99% of these complexes have experienced a total reduction in crime.

Full Free Standing Electric fencing starting at 20-strands and 2 meters high but recommended to be 2.4 meters high with 24-strands. Once you have installed your Electric fence the greatest risk of a perimeter breach even though this chance is very small is the possibility of a person digging under your full fence or smashing through your pre-cast wall. The risk needs to be assessed and the following can be done to reduce or eliminate this possibility. The bottom strand should always be live!


  • To lay a full concrete foundation below the fence (300mm x 300mm wide and deep).
  • To install anti-lift hooks (figure of 8) – this will ensure that entry can only be gained by digging a full hole not just lifting the bottom strands. Attached to the wall or knocked into the ground.
  • Floating Anti-lift Rings – Have also become very popular due to break-ins where wires have been separated. At least 4 Anti-lift Rings between brackets on full freestanding fences. At least 2 Anti-lift Rings between brackets on wall top fencing. All to be used in conjunction with the figure of 8 Anti-lift Rings.
  • A live anti-dig (offset bracket) strand +/- 50mm off the ground and +/- 200mm in front of your freestanding fence.
  • Pre-cast walls should have 24-strand Piggy Back Fencing from the top to bottom wherever there is open land, veld, Golf Courses or a river behind as this has proven to be the most likely form of entry if only Wall Top Electric Fencing is installed
  • Support posts should be 3 meters apart


It is important to install the correct sized energizer for your type of fence as too small or too large an energizer will only create false alarms. All energizers produce between 8000 and 10 000 volts at a low frequency of 1 pulse per second and at low amperage. The power/energy of the energizer is determined by its joules starting with 3.5 joules for short fences and going up to 8 joules for long full fences.

This is the joule energy on the fence and in order for the unit to be legal, must comply with the Government Gazette regulations, it is however possible to store greater joules in the capacitor. The alarm monitor is the most important factor on your fence and must be kept in good condition and tested regularly. Single zone, dual zone and 20 zone energizers are available to determine where the breach has occurred on your fence. All our energizers comply with government regulations.

Various Accessories are available:

  • Red Flashing Light – To warn you of an activation while you were out.
  • Remote/Hardwire armed Response Linkup – To link to your Armed Response company.
  • Gate Magnets – To monitor forced entry on the perimeter
  • Lightning Protection.
  • Series Gate Contactors – To ensure wires on sliding gates give an alarm when cut.
  • Remote On/Off Ability – Control via remotes .
  • Solar Panels also available


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