How Palisade Fencing Helps to Improve Home Security

Crime is unfortunately a part of everyday life in South Africa and protecting your home is paramount. Palisade fencing is one way of deterring criminals from entering the property. Through palisade fencing you immediately create a first-line defence system, which places a barrier between your family and potential robbers or thieves.

According to the reports from the Department of Statistics South Africa (Stats SA), housebreaking is at the top of the list of crimes committed in the country. The figures show more than 1,3 million incidences of housebreaking were experienced in the country for the 2018-19 reporting period. Although more than perimeter security is required to safeguard a home, it is the first deterrent and barrier against threats. As such, it should be a priority when you consider improvement in home or business security.

Palisade Fencing Offers Several Advantages

  • Durable and low on maintenance: Made from mild steel, the fence is made for maximum durability. We use welded steel panels, thereby reducing maintenance and risk as the usage of bolts and nuts create weak points. Our fences are made from 40 × 40 angle iron for maximum strength as opposed to the cheaper and less secure 30 x 30 angle iron from other suppliers.
  • Top finish provides added security: What distinguishes palisade fencing from many other types of perimeter fences is the top finish that consists of spiked ends. The W-shaped edges are integrated in the overall design and appearance of the fence. You thus have the security of spikes, but not the unsightly character associated with them. The spiked ends have been proven highly efficient in preventing criminals from scaling the fence. Of course, you can select the D-shaped top edges for the joists as well.
  • Quick installation: Since the fence doesn’t require a foundation and drainage system as is the case with a solid brick and mortar fence, the installation is quick. You don’t need to submit building plans and wait for approval before erection of the fence.
  • Height and type to fit your security requirements: Palisade fencing is versatile and adding two or more panels can be done without affecting the aesthetic appeal and uniform appearance of the fence. The height selection is based on your security needs and budget with options including 2 m, 2,4 m, and 3 m. We also offer wall-top palisade at any height above an existing wall for added security.
  • Street visibility: Unlike a solid-material fence that provides zero visibility of what is behind the fence, with palisade fencing street visibility is not obscured. This makes it possible to see who is in front of the fence or passing. With the See-Thru character of the fence, you can enjoy unobstructed views of mountains, a golf course, or natural surrounds.
  • Not easy to break through: The vertical joists are arranged in a manner that makes it difficult to simply cut or bend open. As with all security measures, nothing is 100 percent secure for adamant and professional criminals with enough time. However, the fence is strong enough to deter and make it rather difficult to safely scale. You also have the option of electric fencing on top of the palisade or in conjunction with it from the ground up for added security.

Don’t become one of the statistics. Improve home security with powerful steel or concrete palisade fencing. Get in touch to discuss how we can meet your security needs.