Important Factors to Consider With the Installation of Gate Motors

Convenience and improved security are the two main reasons for automating driveway gates. We offer complete solutions that include robust motors able to handle regular opening and closing for optimal convenience and safety.

More often than not, motors are installed incorrectly, causing extreme frustration and disruptions in the smooth flow of the slide panels. Indeed, incorrect installation can shorten the lifespan of the equipment, thereby costing the property owner more because of constant maintenance and repairs. Reliable operation of the access control is dependent on quality materials, equipment, and installation. Several factors must be considered before the selection and installation of motors, of which some are briefly discussed below.

  • Level tracks: The concrete tracks must be level and laid through the use of 5-mm angle iron and a 16- mm round bar on top. This is to minimise friction that can lead to flow interruptions and unnecessary wear and tear on the equipment.
  • Conduits for cabling: The cabling must be placed within a conduit for protection against environmental elements.
  • Wheel quality: The wheels must be exceptionally strong and able to bear the weight of the steel frame. As such, steel wheels with sealed bearings are essential.
  • Injury prevention: Most types of automated gates are heavy, and many have spiked-top finishes. If a movable barrier is not securely installed on the right tracks, it can fall over and cause severe injury or death. It is therefore essential to install safety support posts to prevent it from falling over.
  • Inclusion of end stops: The front and back must be fitted with end stops with the inclusion of dovetail brackets for capturing of the movable barrier when it is closed. Anti-lift brackets must be installed to prevent lifting and removal of the frame to gain access to the property.¬†Anti-lever flat bar should be installed on top of the drive rack to prevent breaking the drive rack and enabling the gate to be pushed open.

We offer 220-volt motors with 12-volt battery backup systems for slide, single swing, and double swing gates, with anti-theft brackets available for all types of motors. Our product offering for residential and complex installations is developed specifically to improve access-control security and convenience. The products are manufactured for high-speed operation and come with SABS-approved lightning protection with advanced lightning protection available. Auto-close, anti-crush, and 12-volt battery backup features add to the functionality and safety of the systems.

Heavy-Duty Applications

We offer the Centurion D-10 gate motors for heavy-duty applications ranging from complexes to road closures and commercial settings. These motors come with 24-volt battery backup and cooling fan systems. In addition, clients have the option of:

  • Lights for the illumination of the gate section with day and night sensors and the choice of manual or timer-based switches.
  • Pedestrian key switches.
  • Remote controls with long-range operation, fitted with one to six buttons, operation on 403 or 433 MHZ, and code hopping for improved security.
  • Infrared safety beams for prevention of closure onto a vehicle or person.
  • Underground loop-detecting system with opening and closing triggers to be used with boom and gate motor
  • Anti-theft bracket systems to prevent removal of the equipment.
  • LED-based indicators to indicate gate

Improve access control and security to your property with our gate motors. Give us a call or use the online contact option to discuss your particular security needs.