Electric fence installation and repair

A quality electric fence is your first defence against intrusion. It discourages would-be intruders and can also be fitted with an alarm to give you an early warning if anyone is tampering with your fence in an attempt to enter your property. To enjoy the peace of mind and added security you get from an electric fence, you need to call upon an experienced, expert installer. Fix & Fit Security should be your first choice for electric fence installation and repair in the Randburg area.

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Electric fencing experts near you

Electric fencing is a cost-effective security measure that helps to keep your family safe at a price suited to most budgets. Since it discourages entry onto the property in the first place, and lets you know as soon as anyone attempts to gain entry, it helps to keep criminals from entering your property in the first place. 

Electric fences are most effective when installed by security experts who understand the product and how to optimise it for your property. Fix & Fit has been in operation for over 30 years. We bring our extensive knowledge and industry experience to each client, together with a personal commitment to helping you enhance your family’s safety and security. 

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