More often than not, normal wire fences or walls are not high enough to keep large and highly energetic dogs in the safe confounds of the garden. In such instances, appropriate electric fencing is just strong enough to give a light warning to deter the animals from jumping the fence. However, for home, business, and farm security purposes, electric fencing has been developed specifically to prevent property intrusion.

The electric fencing for security purposes is installed according to specific regulations to ensure safety for people and animals without the risk of serious injury. These types of fences hold several benefits, of which some are briefly discussed below.

  1. Animal and Property Occupant Safety

Rather than using barbed wire or another type of fence that can cause injury to animals on the property, install electric fencing on top of the current perimeter fence. In this way, the risk of small children or animals getting cut or caught in barbed wire or mesh is eliminated.

  1. Superb Deterrent

With electric perimeter fencing, criminals have to cross an additional physical barrier apart from the existing wall or palisade. The shock may be non-lethal, but it is sufficient to deter a person from just scaling the fence. It also delays intrusions.

With it possible to connect the fence with an alarm system, it also acts as an early warning system. The alarm can be connected to an app system to warn of intrusion or attempted intrusion even if the property owner is not home. The alert is sent to the security response team and/or to the property owner’s phone.

  1. Easy to Install

Professionals install the system to ensure compliance with all safety regulations. The installation is relatively quick and is one of the fastest ways to secure the perimeter of a property. Instead of paying for a new fence, just secure the existing one with electric fencing parallel with the current fence or on top of it.

  1. Low Maintenance

With the wires made from aluminium or protected steel, little maintenance is needed. You do not have to paint the fence, apply protection, or rewire every few months to keep it protected against weather elements. Maintenance entails visual inspections of the wires, checking voltage levels with the use of a voltage meter, and keeping plants from the hanging over or touching the connection points or wires.

  1. Flexibility

The design of electric fencing makes it possible to expand the protection without incurring hefty costs. Several options exist to create the type of secured boundary needed for the particular type of property.

  1. Affordable Security

It is also one of the most affordable, high technology means to protect a large area. As such, it can be installed at business properties, such as corporate parks, estates, old age homes, schools, farms, homesteads, warehouses, and normal residential abodes.

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